Emergency Withdrawal
pid0 - 0x58F876857a02D6762E0101bb5C46A8c1ED44Dc16 -BNB-BUSD
pid1 - 0x61EB789d75A95CAa3fF50ed7E47b96c132fEc082 -BTC-BNB
pid2 - 0x74E4716E431f45807DCF19f284c7aA99F18a4fbc -ETH-BNB
pid3 - 0xDd5bAd8f8b360d76d12FdA230F8BAF42fe0022CF -DOT-BNB
pid4 - 0x0eD7e52944161450477ee417DE9Cd3a859b14fD0 -CAKE-BNB
pid5 - 0x7EFaEf62fDdCCa950418312c6C91Aef321375A00 -USDT-BUSD
pid6 - 0x2354ef4DF11afacb85a5C7f98B624072ECcddbB1 -USDC-BUSD
pid7 - 0x66FDB2eCCfB58cF098eaa419e5EfDe841368e489 -DAI-BUSD
pid8 -0x133ee93FE93320e1182923E1a640912eDE17C90C VAI-BUSD
pid9 -0x75eD6ce5B18a919bE7708f3F63Cce3787424AA4C RUSH-BNB
Other farms will added after IRO launch.
If something happens to RushMars's frontend such as a DDOS attack or a temporary outage, farmers can still withdraw their tokens by direct interaction with the MasterChef contract.
Call the emergencyWithdraw function with the farm or pool id listed below to withdraw your staked tokens.
Withdraw without caring about rewards. EMERGENCY ONLY.
Last modified 5mo ago
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